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My Journey To Positive Thinking

January 28, 2013

I started back in 2012 thinking hard in wanting to change my direction in life seriously. Therefore, I begin to inquire and read books on self-Development, Affirmation, Energy, and the list goes on. I wanted to draw positive energy into my life as badly as one needs oxygen to live. I begin to read many books on how to maintain a positive mind, how to draw positive energy to you, reprogramming the mind and boy- just reading these books- it appears to be a journey -but a journey worthwhile.  Feeding my mind is a serious investment I know I will never regret. My mind is hungry for a new life and new way of thinking. When I absorb this new energy, I feel more alive, I sleep better and my body balance appears to be stable.

I awaken every morning with my daily routine of prayer and Affirmation. Throughout the day, I am reciting affirmations and listening to CD is to help maintain my thought process to keep me on track. I never felt it would be easy- but it is a worthwhile journey I have now committed to completing. It feels good to think on a higher level-to be grateful for everything around me. I find myself saying thank you more than I have done in a lifetime and I know it is from my daily consistency for change. I’m now appreciating the simplicity of life, the air I breathe, the trees, home, car, health and every moment I get I look around and find something to be grateful for and it feels great. So far my new journey is absolutely electrifying energy that I can embrace. I love what I have decided to incorporate in my life-My New Journey to Positive Energy!



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